Full-Service Staffing Agency

Have you ever heard the saying “If you want to be great, you must first learn to be good”?

In 2011, U.S. Staffing Agency, LLC was born, and learning to be great meant we had to learn to be good and know our product.

Imagine a cold winter day and a male in his mid 40’s panicked, walking recklessly into a client’s office to sell his ideas. Hands full with binders, papers, and a shoulder strap on his bag that was a bit too short. He approaches the door, and within a blink of an eye he is down on the ground. Just a few steps behind him another man rushed to his aid and helped him gather all his belongings. His face was red from embarrassment, but he shook the hand of his rescuer and exchanged personal information. Within a few months these two men formed U.S. Staffing Agency, LLC.

They knew what they wanted out of a business. It was not going to be a fly-by-night company. They wanted a company that would make a difference, and to do that you must have knowledge, passion, integrity, and most of all -vision. A vision to see the bigger picture when everything around seems to be pushing against you.

We started with 1 office in Jackson, MI and 2 employees. Within 1 year, we opened our second office in Hillsdale, MI. We were learning to be good at what we do, and it was present in the clients we were obtaining and retaining. Our business model was simple, find quality associates and place them with a company they can grow with, and provide exceptional customer service.

We have adapted to the changes in the staffing industry, and find ways to set ourselves apart from others. We find solutions to what some may consider impossible, and hire staff that will take us to the next level.

Designed to help your company meet its needs as an employer, its production goals, and much more.

Within 6 months of opening the Hillsdale office it was evident that the need for a “Great Staffing Company” was present in many areas. Consistent, steady growth and continuous improvement with our staff has made U.S. Staffing Agency, LLC a company that everyone wants to work with and for.

Over a course of 5 years, U.S. Staffing Agency has opened 4 offices and has increased our internal staff to 20. Our sights are set to grow more in 2017.
We are family, and will always have that small company feeling, even when we soar to greater heights. We have learned to be GREAT!