Our Mission

Our mission is to help develop communities by building relationships and connecting people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to to be the preferred human resources partner for economic development and community prosperity.

US Staffing Agency is a family owned business with a passion for the communities in which we reside. We are proud of the relationships we have with the workers, businesses, schools, volunteers, and leaders that make these communities great. We do our part in building these communities by taking the time and consideration needed to connect people with the right employer.

At US Staffing Agency our values are not on a poster in the halls of our offices, but they can be found in each of our team members that makes up the US Staffing DNA. We take a genuine interest in the care for our team members, as well as those in our community. We like to have fun with each other while also poking fun at ourselves. There is a deep competitive drive in each US Staffing Agency branch and team member. We rely on our experiences and proven data to define our goals and direction. And we are an Anti-Silo organization. While there are times we have to silo-off into groups to work on projects, collaboration is how we achieve success.